How do you want to live?

How do you want to LEAD?

How often do you want to smile?

… where do you want to GO?


I work on many different assignments. Few days are the same, but overall, it’s all about how to create and maintain Flow and Balance.

In different ways, I help people / leaders / groups / environments to identify how to start a free flow so that new or old good patterns, qualities, results, thoughts, flows, ideas, meetings, relationships, cultures …….. can be invited again.

Together we clean what’s in the way ,what is blocking, and we also look at how to balance and strengthen the resources that already exist. How to find a direction and how to get there easily. Simple is sometimes not so easy. But sometimes there are some things to grab and do, which you would like to do when you get the picture of what you want to develop.



Telphone: +46708461932

Mail: madeleine@morko.se

webb: http://www.madeleinesoderstrom.com